четверг, 26 июня 2008 г.

Imagine this: Early morning you are driving to work through thick traffic. You can see grim faces of the people in the cars slowly moving along. Your car is a business class luxury type, but somehow it’s not enough to make you happy. You want freedom of expression. More colors. Joy. Youth. Fun. Friends. Weekends. Sun. Fresh air. Waves. Sea. Beaches. Something romantic.
I believe that a person today needs a vehicle that would stand out from the rest emphasizing one’s personality and taste.

ARTboat is inspired by roofless car design. That it features no top over the back is meant to make it look like a speed boat gliding on water.
ARTboat is a twin top C class four-seater with front engine and front wheel drive. Folding front seats allow access to the rear seat.

ARTboat allows its owner to declare his or her individual style. Young creative minds long to how unique they are. This opportunity is brought to them with special panels that imitate paper for drawing—the surface can be painted on multiple times.

ARTboat’s another special feature is its asymmetric front body part.

Extraordinary, young, creative, sport-loving, open-minded, active, daring, outgoing, artistic person.

Commercial aspect: consumables (paints, varnishes, panels), stencils, pattern catalogs, special services or art studios.